Shipping costs

Shipping fee and Cash On Delivery service (C.O.D.) fee corresponds tariffs of individual carriers.

Method of delivery and payment method you select when processing orders at checkout. The amount is calculated and displayed automatically.

If your basket contains goods with a value equal to or greater than the item is "Free above" we pay the Shipping costs for you.

The rate of VAT on Shipping Fee and C.O.D fee is determined according to what is the rate of VAT on goods in your cart.

Delivery methods and corresponding prices are
Shipping fee
(with VAT)
Cash On Delivery fee
(with VAT)
Shipping + C.O.D.
(with VAT)
Free above
(with VAT)
International post 8,51 € - - 300,00 €
PPL / DHL 51,75 € - - 650,00 €

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