Six flavor Rehmannia decoction (teapills) TaiwanTCM

mixture of herbs for one batch of potion or teapills

Manufacturer: TaiwanTCM

9,0800 €/pc
Min. amount: 1 pc

The mixture of six flavor Rehmannia (Liu Wei Di Huang Tang) is peculiar in that it is formulated so that decoction can be made or teapills can be formed after dusting, called six falovor Rehmannia teapills (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan).

Six flavor Rehmannia decoction TaiwanTCM contains:

  • rehmanniae radix praeparata (rehmania)
  • corni officinalis fructus
  • dioscoreae rhizoma
  • poriae sclerotium
  • moutan cortex
  • alismatis rhizoma

This batch contains a total of approximately 100 grams of herbal material in standard Taiwanese TCM practice. The sticky additive, which makes it possible to make tablets, is not only stingy, but also starchy dioscoreae rhizome, an adaptogen, also known as a mountain jam. More detailed information about the quantitative composition, effects, possible variations and correct pronunciation of the Chinese name for this potion can be found here, for example.

Preparation of decoction

When preparing a potion follow the general instructions on how to prepare a herbal decoction at the bottom of the mixture page. We do not add any other ingredients. This potion is relatively viscous and thickens after cooling.

In the section recipes and tutorials of our site you will find a more detailed picture of how to prepare it .

Preparation of teapills

If we prepare teapills from this mixture, it is necessary to dust it first, which is not easy especially with Rehmannia. The teapills should be about as big as chocolate squares. The teapills form is nominal for this mixture, despite the complexity of the preparation, it is recommended that more than the decoction, because of better absorption of the active ingredients. Sprinkle the finished teapills with starch so they do not stick and dry well. The teapills can also be packaged in edible rice paper, which is commonly available. In addition, we can pack them in wax or other suitable confectionery paper. They are kept in closed, date-labeled glass bottles in the cold and dark. Of course, these teapills are also commercially available, but by our own preparation we guarantee top quality and high content of active herbal ingredients. We will then be better able to recognize high-quality commercial teapills from poor-quality ones.