Longan Chinese , also dragon eye , Latin: Dimocarpus longan ; Chinese: long-yüen ; English: longan ;

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Description and effects of longan

Longan is a tree growing in tropical and subtropical regions of China, but it is planted elsewhere. It belongs to the family of soapy, where the tropical fruits lychee and rambutan, which are long-like. In contrast, however, the fruits of the Longan are yellow, smaller (1.5 to 2 cm) and perfectly round. Sweet flesh is juicy, jelly-like and glassy-transparent, with a hard, large, inedible seed of black color inside. The smooth surface, the spherical shape and the black seed shining from the inside gave rise to the naming of this fruit the dragon's eye: long is the Chinese dragon, yueen eye. In areas free of frost, longan is grown quite easily.

Fruit Longan is a rocket, which forms a glassy translucent jelly-like meadow that covers large, black seed. Sweet taste, crisp in the fresh state, drying out. In addition, this fruit is natural, for longan typical herbal taste without acidity. Longan has a specific use according to the TCM's instructions, which we do not like here because information on its effects could be interpreted as a " health claim " according to Regulation 1924/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council. So you need to know elsewhere.

The way of consuming longan fruit

Due to its smaller fruit, the longan in the West was a long-held fruitless fruit. He gained popularity thanks to his use in the TCM, which has a specific use for him. Longan is an inherent part of food and soup based on TČM recipes. For this purpose, it is dried and supplied either in the form of whole fruits with peel and seeds or in the form of peeled spruces. Before use, it is good to let longan swell in a small amount of water, which may take some time.

In soups and desserts inspired by TČM longan is a gelatinous component. It is usually combined with a starchy component (teaspoon, barley hazelnut, rice ...) and protein-containing ingredients (eg lotus seed). Longan is a sweet, jelly-like supplement that creates the overall impression of food. It can also be used in the role of raisins in cottage cheese and pudding desserts.

Longan as a dietary supplement ( required information )

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage!
  • Keep out of reach of children!
  • Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet!
  • The lack of safety data can not be recommended to pregnant and nursing women!