Herbal Mix Sales (Our Offer)

About Herbal Mixtures Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The standard blends of TCM that we offer here serve as the basis of herbal infusion , potion , or natural food - soup . Because the word "thang" they refer to does not mean only "potion" in Chinese, but mainly "soup". After all, the potion actually evolved from a soup that the witches cooked somewhere in a refined interior or exterior. Ginseng , orifice or female ginseng , stonecrop , schizandra , goat , goji , sweet fruit of cicimku , pineal , koptis , cinnamon ... these are just a few of their prominent ingredients that we have on offer. Like celery, parsley and garlic, the ingredients of Chinese blends belong to the category of medicinal plants . However, due to their restrictive legislation, we cannot inform about their properties in this respect (see self-censorship of information on this website ), so look elsewhere, for example, you can start here .

However, your kitchen may not be smoked when cooking potions. In Asia, traditional and modern herbalists are mostly used for preparation, but unfortunately they are not available in our country. However, Chinese blends can be easily prepared on a modern hotplate, either in a pot, a teapot, or in a special glass cooking pot.

How to prepare a herbal decoction?

We always prepare the decoction of a particular herbal mixture separately from a single dose of the herbal mixture. The mixtures we offer correspond to Taiwanese TCM, the composition and ratios correspond to the TCM regulations. However, when preparing some decoctions, it is highly advisable to add a few grams of genuine ginseng to the mixture (we recommend Ginseng true TaiwanTCM Liang , but other ginseng can be used). The amount of ginseng recommended for each potion is given in the description of the potion. Ginseng is often part of the original recipe of these potions, but in the commonly sold versions, today for the price reasons replaced by pazvonkym hairy.

Put all the ingredients in about 1 liter of room temperature water and leave to stand for about 30 minutes. Then boil and boil for about 30 minutes on low heat. Pour the finished decoction through a fine sieve or cloth into a prepared container. Do not throw away the once-boiled herbs, leave them in the pot, and after 4 hours pour over the room temperature water, this time about 0.7l. Bring to a quick boil again and cook for 30 minutes on low heat. A potion prepared from one batch can be divided into several drinking doses, which we consume gradually.

To illustrate how the preparation of such a potion is simple, we have prepared for you in the manuals and recipes section picture guides for the preparation of some TCM potions: