Recipe: How to prepare a smaller pseudopodic potion

Preparing a smaller pseudopodic potion

How to properly cook herbal mixtures according to traditional Chinese medicine will describe in this recipe. Basically, the procedure is always the same for all the mixtures we offer. For some mixtures, it is advisable to add a few grams of quality 6-year-old ginseng . This time, we'll prepare a smaller pseudopodic potion .

We need:

Instead of ginseng genuine TaiwanTCM LIANG we can use any quality 6-year-old root, eg Korea INSAM . We can also use a quality younger root, such as genuine TaiwanTCM ginseng , and with it we get quality, true ginseng tea with the appropriate amount of content substances. In no case is it just ginseng just "for taste". The amount of ginseng used can be adjusted to your individual needs and experience.


When preparing, proceed in exactly the same way as the general boosting potion (see instructions) . The finished decoction lasts 3 days in the fridge, we drink it warm 2x - 3x a day. We never heat it in a microwave oven, so we would destroy some healthy substances.

Preparing a smaller pseudocyst potion - ingredients
Prepare all the ingredients
Preparing a smaller pseudo-potion - the ingredients in the kettle
The herb mixture and ginseng TaiwanTCM Liang put in the kettle
Preparing a smaller pseudo-potion - pour water over it
Pour the herbs over 1 liter of water and leave to stand for 30 minutes at room temperature
Preparation of a smaller pseudocyst potion - standing for 30 minutes
Removes the herb mixture after 30 minutes
Preparing a smaller prickly potion - cook for 30 minutes
Boil the mixture, then lower the flame and cook for 30 minutes
Preparing a smaller pseudopodic potion - a ready-made decoction
Finished decoction ... for health :-)