Why we do not offer any information about health effects?

This website (Ariadne.cz) does not contain any 'health claims'. We do not tell you, our customer, any information about the health effects of the medicinal plants and fungi we sell. You might ask, why would we want to do that?

In short: Because of the EU censorship

Anti-herbal regulations have been recently established in the EU by the European Commission and EU parliament. These regulations ban vast majority of herbal medicines from normal sale. For those, that are not banned, sellers are de facto prohibited from informing the consumers about their medicinal properties (such information is defined as 'health claims' under the new censorship terminology)

Moreover, the censors also set compulsory limitations on the maximum recommended daily dose (usually ridiculously low for the herbs in question) and otherwise tell us what we must tell you. To make it easy for you to recognize the missing information, or compulsory information originating not from us, but from the censors, we highlight it in the following way:

Xxxx x xxx xxxxxxx missing or compulsory information xxxx x xxxxxx xxx xxxx...

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