All-inclusive great tonifying decoction TaiwanTCM

mixture of herbs for one batch of potion

Manufacturer: TaiwanTCM

10,6800 €/pc
Min. amount: 1 pc

A blend of herbs to make one batch of all-inclusive great tonifying decoction (Shi Quan Da Bu Tang).

All-inclusive great tonifying decoction TaiwanTCM includes:

  • codonopsis radix
  • atractylodis macrocephalae rhizoma
  • poriae sclerotium
  • glycyrrhizae radix praeparata cum melle (licorice)
  • angelicae sinensis radix (angelica)
  • chuanxiong rhizoma
  • rehmaniae radix praeparata (rehmania)
  • paeoniae radix alba
  • astragali radix
  • cinnamomi cassiae cortex (chinese cinnamon)

This batch contains approximately 115 grams of herbal material in a standard Taiwanese TCM standard practice. More detailed information about the quantitative composition, effects, possible variations and correct pronunciation of the Chinese name for this potion can be found here, for example.


When preparing, follow the general instructions on how to prepare the herbal decoction at the bottom of the mixture page. It is very desirable to add 7-10 grams of adult panax ginseng (we recommend Panax ginseng TaiwanTCM Liang). Ginseng is a part of the so-called royal herb of the original recipe of the all-inclusive great tonifying decoction.

In the section Recipes and Tutorials of our site you will find more detailed preparation instructions.