Panax ginseng TaiwanTCM LIANG, slices

6-year-old red ginseng, dried root

Manufacturer: TaiwanTCM

0,7040 €/g
Min. amount: 50 g

Panax ginseng TaiwanTCM LIANG is a high quality ginseng, as well as for example Panax ginseng KGC Korea Insam. The quality of Panax ginseng TaiwanTCM LIANG is guaranteed by its testing according to Taiwan's standards. Taiwan is the only country of the world with an uninterrupted tradition of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Panax ginseng TaiwanTCM LIANG is:

  • six years old - the highest age category of grown ginseng
  • processes as "ginseng radix rubra", which means by steaming and drying
  • cut transversely to the axis of the root
  • weighed in quantities according to the customer's wishes

The word "LIANG" means "good, respectable" and is used to designate a fully matured ginseng without special root shape requirements. There are higher ginseng classes, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that require the root to resemble the human figure.

Panax ginseng TaiwanTCM LIANG is ginseng for long-term use. The usual daily dose for long-term use in Asia is usually between 1 and 5 grams, equivalent to ½ slices of up to 3 slices of Panax ginseng TaiwanTCM LIANG. In the Czech Republic, the maximum recommended daily allowance is set at 2 grams. Due to the complexity of the ginseng content complex, it is not possible to accurately prescribe how and in what dosage the ginseng should be used by a particular person. If you are not experienced with the use of panax ginseng TaiwanTCM LIANG, you must first get acquainted with it and get a sense of correct dosing. You will determine your personal daily dose by taking a higher dose for several days. If there is a feeling of excessive stimulation, lower the daily dose gradually by ½ slice. Mental stimulation may be desirable, but it may be inconvenient in long-term use. Panax ginseng is a parsley-like vegetables in terms of side effects. When testing, remember that its effect may be slow. For long-term use, it is advisable to take a 1-month break every 3 months.

Laboratory tests and certifications:

Health Certificate HEI for Genetics Genuine TaiwanTCM Liang

Test Report of the SZÚ No. 184-2017 / 1

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