Ganoderma lucidum TaiwanTCM, 180 caps.

6-month-old fungus, powdered

Manufacturer: TaiwanTCM

59,4800 €/pc
Min. amount: 1 pc

Glossy TaiwanTCM is a powdered glossy glossy gourd ( Ganoderma lucidum ), which meets the strictest standards of the TCM. Powder is prepared by grinding and specially modifying selected portions of natural fruit-trees from pure mountain environment of central Taiwan.

  • Top quality 100%
  • 180 capsules at 420 mg

It does not contain artificial additives or preservatives. The taste of the powder is naturally bitter, later sweet. Capsules are gelatinous. Capsule weight 420mg +/- 5%. Recipe and Material: SunGertain BIO-RD, Taiwan

The quality of the product is a key place and way of growing the puppies. Environmental cleanliness is especially important for fungi. Many studies have demonstrated the ability of fungi, even in a relatively clean environment, to accumulate a number of heavy metals and radionuclides many times above their concentration in the environment. Central Taiwan, where glossy shiny TaiwanTCM is grown, is an extensive area of the mountain ranging from more than 4000m above sea level with a minimum concentration of impurities in the environment.

Another problem with the fungal material is the genetic degeneration, which the mushrooms in cultivation are gradually subject to and which leads to the reduction of efficacy. This can be prevented by chemical and genetic control of the fungal material. In this area, Taiwan again has an unquestionable advantage - it is no coincidence that the glossy gloss genome was first deciphered in Taiwan.

The glans of the glossy gloss are tough. They can only be consumed in powder, liquid or tablet form. The liquid form includes tea and extract. Glossy Taiwan TCM is available in the form of capsule powder. They are used directly and drunk with lukewarm water. The powder can be consumed without the capsules - its bitter taste is pleasant if we get used to it. This is done by opening the capsule, pour the powder into a glass of lukewarm water and stir in the spoon. We get a healthy drink whose bitterness resembles bitter coffee.

Ordinary dosing 3 times a day 1-3 capsules in the morning, drink with lukewarm water (or dissolve the powder in lukewarm water). The TC recommends a short warm up exercise after ingestion. Even at lower doses, however, the glossy glass of TaiwanTCM has significant effects. With a precautionary dose of 1 capsule / day, one package lasts for half a year.

Laboratory tests and certificates:

Certificate of Health Security NHS for Lesklokorka shiny TaiwanTCM

Test Report of the SZU No. 184-2017 / 11

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