Goji TaiwanTCM

dried fruit, extra quality

Manufacturer: TaiwanTCM

0,0620 €/g
Min. amount: 100 g

Goji TaiwanTCM (wolfberrry) is a high quality goji (derived from Chinese [koi]). This goji has passed tests for undesirable chemicals  and is significantly better than regular Chinese exports, which can be seen at the first taste.

  • large, well-dried fruits
  • comes from China, grown and processed under Taiwanese supervision
  • weighed according to the customer's wish

Ginkgo TaiwanTCM can be used together with Red jujube TaiwanTCM to prepare strong ginseng decoction. We offer here, it because the goji commonly sold in our stores does not match that quality.

Goji (wolberry) - properties, effects, use


Collected: 1541
Collected: 1542
Collected: 1548
Collected: 1825