Panax ginseng KGC Korea Insam, slices

6-year-old red ginseng, dried root

Manufacturer: KGC

3,1920 €/g
Min. amount: 50 g

Panax ginseng KGC Korea Insam is ginseng grown under Korean supervision. It offers the highest brand quality. It's ginseng for those who want security. The 6-year-old ginseng is generic and processed, but the established brand lends it the highest prestige worldwide.

Ginseng Genuine KGC Korea Insam is:

  • six years old - the highest age category of grown ginseng
  • it is processed as red ginseng (radix ginseng rubra), by steaming and drying
  • comes from Korea (Korea Ginseng Corp.)
  • sliced ​​transversely to the root axis
  • weighed according to the customer's wish

Quality without compromise. Choice for demanding.

In Korea, growing and selling ginseng until the 1990s was a state monopoly. Hundreds of scientists from universities and Korea's Tobacco and Ginseng Research Institute (Korea) are dedicated to ginseng research in Korea. But the demand for Korean ginseng is so high that Korean production is not sufficient, so today, Korean ginseng is mainly grown in China under the strict supervision of Korean companies. The problem is adulteration, when the English term "Korean ginseng" refers to any ginseng from China. This is not punishable because "Korean ginseng" is one of the common names for ginseng in English. Korea has therefore registered the "Korea Insam" brand (insam is a ginseng in Korean). So when you see somewhere to offer "Korean" ginseng, it doesn't mean anything. Only the Korea Insam brand gives confidence to Korean origin.

KGC is the most traditional manufacturer of Korea insam

In Korea, the production of ginseng was the monopoly of KT&G (Korea Tobacco and Ginseng) until the beginning of the 21st century. After the abolition of the monopoly, KGC (Korea Ginseng Corporation) split it off. KGC is the core of Korean ginseng tradition. KGC also operates Korea's Tobacco and Ginseng Institute. Therefore, KGC's ginseng represents Korea's largest classic with over 100 years of manufacturing tradition.

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