booklet: Panax Ginseng

pop-up booklet, 8 pages

0,4000 €/pc
Min. amount: 1 pc

A publication (folded leaflet A5), that in a total of 8 pages summarizes the important information about the basic qualities and efficiency of Panax ginseng. In the past decades, large amount of scientific articles about Panax ginseng has appeared (ginseng is globally the most studied plant). The amount of this information is perhaps even too large, discouraging the readers by its volume alone. Although this booklet has appearance of a mere pamphlet, it represents a diligent abstract of a large body of presently (2012) available scientific knowledge regarding ginseng. Short length of this publication is not a consequence of insufficient work of the author, but of respect towards your time and mental energy. The information has been concentrated to the maximum degree possible without loss.